Making a feature of exposed pipes

Radiator Pipe

When renovating bathrooms, one of the most commonly searched phrases is, “How to hide exposed pipes.” Concealing pipes can be a tricky job. Hiding them by boxing them off with MDF, plywood or similar can sometimes cause an eyesore, and it also detracts from the space in the room. To do a decent job of it, you will need to hire a tradesman, unless you are highly skilled at DIY yourself.

But why should you hide them? The strength, beauty and functionality of exposed pipes are recently being highlighted more commonly in design. Designers are increasingly mounting pipes and conduits on the surface of industrial interiors, rather than hiding them behind walls. And it’s not only in industrial settings that this look works. They may look unsightly now, but with some tender loving care and a lick of paint, your pipes could actually be an
eye-catching feature.

Take a look at some of these exposed pipes, serving a purpose both functionally and as artwork.

Here, the matching, high-contrast colour of the vertical pipe and radiator really stand out against the dull wall, creating a vintage, shabby chic appearance. I absolutely love the way the flowers seem to tie the whole look together. This
design can be so easily achieved on a very modest budget, with just a tin of paint, and no tradesmen required.

I find it fascinating how the exact same method has been used here to create an entirely different look.  Again, brightly coloured paint has been used, but this time a fun, geometric effect has been achieved. I think this would work well in a playroom, or even an office.  Again, I love how accessories have been used to pull the whole look together.

Hanging pendant lights of varying lengths from this overhead pipe looks really pretty, and I think this look would work well in any room.  You could even use fairy lights for a twinkly effect.

This is my absolute favourite example.  I love all things nautical, and this is the perfect way to use your exposed pipes to complement that look.  As an added bonus, the rope will insulate your water pipe, and also protect you from accidental burns.  

Are you skilled at knitting or crochet, or do you know someone who is?  Express yourself by creating colourful covers, as shown in this picture, for a truly unique appearance. 

Matching the colour of your radiators to your pipes, especially when they are painted in a colour that contrasts with the rest of the room can really make a room beautiful, especially when paired with accessories of the same colour.  

These are only a few ways in which you can make a feature of your exposed pipes. They really don’t need to be an eyesore, use your imagination to give any room a real wow factor.  From nautical rope looks to bright, fun colours that really pop, perhaps it would be a shame to hide those pipes after all!

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