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When designing your dream home, it’s just as important to consider the details as it is the larger aspects of each room. Even when it comes to plumbing – installing a beautiful, bold radiator that stands out as a stunning centerpiece, or completing an elegant vibe with something sleek and sophisticated can make all the difference to how the overall design comes together.

Types of Designer Radiators 

The beauty of buying a designer radiator from Posh Rads is the choice available for central heating. From tall, sleek mirror designs to chunky, traditional cast iron, towel radiators, you can pick a standard radiator as well as contemporary radiators to match existing or aspirational design themes precisely for wall space,  and many more. 

 Range of Radiators can be made in a variety of metals and materials and can be painted any colour you choose: 

Modern Radiators For Every Room & Space

Whether you are searching for radiators for living rooms, bedroom, bathroom or need to match an existing colour scheme with silver, white or black unique modern radiators, Posh Rads has got you covered. Our expert stylists for radiators UK can help you choose the perfect vertical column radiators or horizontal radiators to fit the required space, match the preferred style and make your interior spaces shine.

Designer Radiator vs Traditional Radiator

Interior design involves all sorts of decisions. For example, choosing between a designer radiator versus more traditional styles. Much depends on the style of the house where the radiators will be installed. Traditional designs look great in period homes, while more contemporary styles suit modern homes and minimalist themes. If in doubt, ask the experts at Posh Rads for some top radiator advice. 

Vertical Tall and Horizontal Radiators

We see vertical radiators as the original showstoppers! A total shake-up in the world of designer radiators, turning the idea of a radiator upside down (or just ninety degrees!) and offering something totally different to a room’s decor.

Smaller spaces benefit especially well from a vertical radiator, allowing you to make the most of your loor-to-ceiling space rather than taking up valuable horizontal space where you may need to place other furniture.

Fast and free delivery on all our luxury radiators

At Posh Rads, we know how important it is to stay on schedule when it comes to interior design and installing the different elements of your newly styled home. We offer a fast and free delivery service anywhere in the UK to ensure that your luxury, traditional or bespoke designer radiators arrive on site in perfect condition, ready for installation when you need them.

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Radiators are normally made from metal, as this offers better heat conductivity over alternatives such as plastic or glass. Common metals used include aluminium, cast iron, steel and stainless steel. Each one has its own pros and cons, but all can be fashioned into a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes. You can use heat-resistant paint to create radiators of any colour too, to match preferred design themes and vibes.

As with anything, the better quality a radiator is, the more you can expect to pay for it. Designer radiators tend to be aesthetically pleasing and high performing, making them worth the extra investment. It is worth doing careful research into different designer radiator and towel rail styles and brands so that you can choose the best fit for your individual needs. Posh Rads has a range of excellent designer radiators waiting for you to choose from. 

It is possible to design your own radiator, or at least have input into its creation. Radiators and towel rails can come in countless styles, shapes and dimensions so you can enjoy putting your signature flair onto your chosen designs. For help and advice, ask a radiator and heating expert from Posh Rads to cast an eye over your design to make sure that it will work effectively when it is in situ. 

Choosing designer and customised radiators from Posh Rads brings many benefits. Heat conductivity tends to be more efficient, due to the high quality materials used. Designs can be tailored more closely to individual tastes and the visual impact is normally stunning. While initial investment can be higher, the radiators’ useful life will be longer and the metals used less likely to be damaged. Designer, modern radiators can also look newer for longer. All this makes radiators a more economical option in the longer term. 

It is always advisable to book a professional radiator engineer to install your personalised unique radiators. This ensures that the fitting is done properly to avoid problems further down the line. A professional can also ensure that the radiator fits in the chosen space and is put in its place with minimal disruption and mess. Radiators from Posh Rads are intended to last a long time, so it is worth putting extra effort into making sure they are fitted correctly from the offset. 

As with any aspect of interior design, choosing radiators comes largely down to personal instinct and choice.  Work out where you need to fit your new personalised radiators and how much space you have for each one. Next, choose the desired metal or material and the finish, e.g. textured, gloss, mirrored etc. Our modern radiators can be painted any colour to match interior décor and designs can be adjusted so they are vertical or horizontal and precisely measured, according to your requirements. The same goes for heated towel rails, which can be tailored to match your bathroom or en suite precisely. 

Posh Rads has contacts at multiple manufacturers of UK based radiators brands and can help you choose the perfect look for your room. We operate across the country and offer our customers – both trade and the general public – the very best customer care and after-sales support. Choose your living room, bedroom and designer bathroom radiators from a huge range of colours, designs and prices.
If you choose wisely, a  radiator from Posh Rads will give you years of excellent heat conductivity. The more luxurious the radiator, the more attention will have been put into making it warm and toasty as well as looking stunning in your home. The amount of heat will vary depending on make and size, so check the specifications carefully before committing to your order. 
A professional radiator engineer or interior designer can help you work out where to place your designer radiators in the home. Remember to leave enough room around the edges of the radiator to help it perform efficiently and safely. If you would like to speak to an expert about how high to position your designer radiators, call Posh Rads to see how we can help. 
Some customised radiator metals and materials can be painted, depending on their surface and texture. Always paint when the radiator is completely cool and do not turn the heat back on until all layers of paint are dry. Clean the radiator first to clear dust and grease. Apply a coat of anti-corrosive primer to ensure a smooth finish and let dry before adding the main paint. Use heat-resistant paint for the best results. You can apply it with a paint brush or use spray paint to reach the more awkward corners. Seek professional advice about painting embellished or specially treated surfaces. 
All radiators have their own energy efficiency ratings that must be provided by the manufacturer. This is normally found in the packaging or online. This is true for designer and non-designer models. The best radiators are created to give both visual appeal and excellent heat conductivity. Modern radiators are also designed with energy efficiency in mind. Posh Rads radiators are all provided with clear energy efficiency information as standard for reassuring transparency. 

A designer radiator engineer will be able to tell you which way round your designer radiator flow and return valves should be. There is no set pattern for this, as the vast majority of thermos valve radiators are bi-directional. This means they can be fitted to either flow or return, although good practice states that the flow side is preferable. For more details, ask the team at Posh Rads for some expert advice. 

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