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Heated Towel Rail

What could be nicer than getting out of the bath or shower, and wrapping yourself in a lovely, warm, fluffy towel on a cold day?  

The smell of damp towels is not an odour anyone finds pleasant.  If you have no airing cupboard, or if, like me, find that it is always full of all your other laundry, a heated towel rail could be the perfect solution to those wet towels that seem to get everywhere.  

Some towel rails work by being plumbed directly into your central heating, if you have it, in which case it would function just like one of your radiators.  Whilst centrally heated towel rails can be a little cheaper to run, our electric towel rails can be turned on or off simply by flicking a switch.  These avoid the issue of having to switch on the rest of your central heating.  This is great, as you may not want to have all your radiators on, especially in the middle of summer!

Don’t just limit them to your bathroom either.  I personally wish I had one in my hallway, with the amount of wet coats that are left hanging from the doors.  A heated towel rail can make a bathroom, utility room or kitchen cosy and inviting, and it is a huge benefit to have somewhere to dry all that wet laundry on a rainy day.  Buying one of the many designer heated towel rail from PoshRads really is an investment in both style and comfort but, for me, it’s primarily practicality.

Setting a timer for your electric heated towel rail to come on couldn’t be easier.  Here at PoshRads, we also sell a timer that connects to your phone, and you can control your electric heaters and lighting from anywhere in the world.  It supports multiple devices and multiple users, and can reduce your running costs, as if you’re out of the house and forgot to switch your heating off, that’s no problem, you can just do it from your phone. 

But how do you know what size towel rail you will need?  All of our towel rails have a BTU (British Thermal Unit) output listed on our website, which will give you an idea of the heat output.  For example, a bathroom in a house with good insulation, where the bathroom has one outside wall and one small window, a towel rail of 400 BTUs would be recommended.  However, if you expect to be drying many towels at a time on your rail, you should opt for a slightly higher BTU rating, as the towels will absorb the heat before it reaches your room otherwise.  

A small towel rail could be a great addition to a tiny bathroom, where a large radiator may look out of place.  We stock both vertical and horizontal towel rails in a range of sizes here at PoshRads, with a range of styles and colours available that will look amazing with whatever look you choose for your bathroom renovation. 

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