Vertical Designer Radiators

We see vertical designer radiators as the original showstoppers! A total shake-up in the world of designer
radiators, turning the idea of a radiator upside down (or just ninety degrees!) and offering something
totally different to a room’s decor.

Smaller spaces benefit especially well from a vertical radiator, allowing you to make the most of your
floor-to-ceiling space rather than taking up valuable horizontal space where you may need to place other
furniture. This is a particularly good option in kitchens and bathrooms, where space is typically at more of
a premium!

We have a huge range of vertical designs, in various striking colours, finishes, sizes and styles. Whether
you’re looking for a flat panel, tubed or finned design – you are sure to find the vertical designer radiator that will
blend seamlessly into your home.

We are available every day until 8 pm on freephone 0800 009 6145 if you’d like to chat to a member of our
friendly team about your options. We are 100% mad for rads, so you’ll be put through to someone who
has great technical knowledge of all our products.

Check out the range below…

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