Designer radiators for kitchens

Radiators for your kitchen with modern designs

Your kitchen should be warm, welcoming and above all a highly practical area where you can prepare food, clean up after meals and generally run your house and home. So, choosing the right designer kitchen radiators can go a long way towards securing the winning combination of beautiful design and practical, efficient heating for the whole room. Whether you prefer bold, statement, vertical radiators for kitchens or veer more towards subtle kitchen towel radiators to provide the warmth you need, the choice of designs and styles is larger than ever, so have fun taking your pick.

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Add stunning style to your kitchen with our designer radiators

Designer kitchen radiators will raise the style factor of your kitchen up several levels. Whether you choose a sleek, tall kitchen radiator that emits a high level of heat while catching the eye timer and time again, or go for a low, horizontal radiator that sits unobtrusively alongside your kitchen appliances, warming and inspiring you as you go about your daily chores. A flash of metal, whether reflective and bold or mate and tactile will complement the sharp lines and busy feel of the modern family kitchen.

Fast and free UK delivery on all designer kitchen radiators

We have a wide range of modern kitchen radiators UK based that are waiting for you to purchase them and have them delivered to your very own kitchen. We are delighted to be able to offer free UK delivery for all radiator and towel rail orders to any address in the UK. What’s more, we aim to deliver as rapidly as possible, bearing in mind the current restrictions. Our ordering and packaging team will stay in close contact with you until your radiator is safely delivered, on time and damage-free. We take pride in our excellent customer service and dedication to providing top quality products.

Calculate BTU before buying radiators for your kitchen

Kitchen towel radiators, vertical kitchen radiators for kitchens and any other designs you can think of can all be compared for efficiency by calculating their BTU, or British Thermal Units. This important data comprises a combination of the shape and size of the room the radiator is destined for, the materials used to insulate the walls, the number of windows and doors that could harbour draughts and other key considerations. Once you know what your kitchen BTU numbers are, you can choose the most suitable radiator design for the space available.

Why you should choose Posh Rads for designer kitchen radiators

Posh Rads has a large range of kitchen radiators, towel rails and other heating accessories available at any one time, categorised in an easy-to-navigate website that also provides detailed descriptions, costs and delivery details. We have a team of experts who will personally oversee your order, even helping you to choose the right radiators and towel rails for your kitchen and other rooms and guiding you through the technical specifications and product choices so that you are completely satisfied with your fully informed choice.

Order your kitchen radiator online from Posh Rads today

If you are looking for a new designer radiator for your kitchen, either for installation into a new-build, kitchen extension or as part of an interior design revamp, speak to one of our expert team at Posh Rads. We have highly trained salespeople and heating experts standing by to help you find the perfect designer kitchen radiator.

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        • 0040mm x 0450mm
        • 0170mm x 1200mm
        • 0250mm x 1000mm
        • 0280mm x 1800mm
        • 0300mm x 0995mm
        • 0300mm x 1010mm
        • 0300mm x 1190mm
        • 0300mm x 1245mm
        • 0300mm x 1370mm
        • 0350mm x 0500mm
        • 0350mm x 1800mm
        • 0375mm x 0850mm
        • 0375mm x 1800mm
        • 0400mm x 0571mm
        • 0400mm x 0600mm
        • 0400mm x 0650mm
        • 0400mm x 0721mm
        • 0400mm x 0800mm
        • 0400mm x 0830mm
        • 0400mm x 0971mm
        • 0400mm x 1000mm
        • 0400mm x 1010mm
        • 0400mm x 1190mm
        • 0400mm x 1200mm
        • 0400mm x 1325mm
        • 0400mm x 1400mm
        • 0400mm x 1471mm
        • 0400mm x 1600mm
        • 0440mm x 0500mm
        • 0450mm x 0600mm (1 Sections)
        • 0450mm x 0600mm (2 Sections)
        • 0452mm x 0900mm
        • 0452mm x 1200mm
        • 0456mm x 0656mm
        • 0456mm x 0721mm
        • 0456mm x 1166mm
        • 0456mm x 1471mm
        • 0456mm x 1771mm
        • 0456mm x 1971mm
        • 0470mm x 0470mm
        • 0470mm x 1800mm
        • 0476mm x 0971mm
        • 0500mm x 0400mm
        • 0500mm x 0500mm
        • 0500mm x 0600mm
        • 0500mm x 0622mm
        • 0500mm x 0800mm
        • 0500mm x 0806mm
        • 0500mm x 0990mm
        • 0500mm x 1000mm
        • 0500mm x 1200mm
        • 0500mm x 1220mm
        • 0500mm x 1325mm
        • 0500mm x 1400mm
        • 0500mm x 1404mm
        • 0500mm x 1420 mm
        • 0500mm x 1600mm
        • 0500mm x 1634mm
        • 0500mm x 1864mm
        • 0505mm x 1500mm
        • 0505mm x 1800mm
        • 0520mm x 0571mm
        • 0520mm x 0721mm
        • 0520mm x 0971mm
        • 0520mm x 1471mm
        • 0550mm x 0413mm
        • 0550mm x 0507mm
        • 0550mm x 0560mm
        • 0550mm x 0590mm
        • 0550mm x 0630mm
        • 0550mm x 0655mm
        • 0550mm x 0720mm
        • 0550mm x 0785mm
        • 0550mm x 0825mm
        • 0550mm x 0826mm
        • 0550mm x 0830mm
        • 0550mm x 0993mm
        • 0550mm x 0995mm
        • 0550mm x 1003mm
        • 0550mm x 1010mm
        • 0550mm x 1020mm
        • 0550mm x 1180mm
        • 0550mm x 1202mm
        • 0550mm x 1412mm
        • 0581mm x 0400mm
        • 0581mm x 0640mm
        • 0581mm x 0800mm
        • 0581mm x 1040mm
        • 0581mm x 1200mm
        • 0581mm x 1440mm
        • 0600mm x 0360mm
        • 0600mm x 0400mm
        • 0600mm x 0420mm
        • 0600mm x 0470mm
        • 0600mm x 0499mm
        • 0600mm x 0515mm
        • 0600mm x 0540mm
        • 0600mm x 0555mm
        • 0600mm x 0565mm
        • 0600mm x 0571mm
        • 0600mm x 0583mm
        • 0600mm x 0590mm
        • 0600mm x 0595mm
        • 0600mm x 0600mm
        • 0600mm x 0622mm
        • 0600mm x 0625mm
        • 0600mm x 0630mm
        • 0600mm x 0650mm
        • 0600mm x 0660mm
        • 0600mm x 0667mm
        • 0600mm x 0692mm
        • 0600mm x 0710mm
        • 0600mm x 0721mm
        • 0600mm x 0730mm
        • 0600mm x 0745mm
        • 0600mm x 0755mm
        • 0600mm x 0770mm
        • 0600mm x 0775mm
        • 0600mm x 0780mm
        • 0600mm x 0795mm
        • 0600mm x 0800mm
        • 0600mm x 0806mm
        • 0600mm x 0810mm
        • 0600mm x 0830mm
        • 0600mm x 0835mm
        • 0600mm x 0835mm
        • 0600mm x 0850mm
        • 0600mm x 0876mm
        • 0600mm x 0880mm
        • 0600mm x 0895mm
        • 0600mm x 0910mm
        • 0600mm x 0945mm
        • 0600mm x 0950mm
        • 0600mm x 0955mm
        • 0600mm x 0960mm
        • 0600mm x 0971mm
        • 0600mm x 0980mm
        • 0600mm x 0990mm
        • 0600mm x 0995mm
        • 0600mm x 1000mm
        • 0600mm x 1010mm
        • 0600mm x 1030mm
        • 0600mm x 1035mm
        • 0600mm x 1040mm
        • 0600mm x 1045mm
        • 0600mm x 1045mm
        • 0600mm x 1060mm
        • 0600mm x 1140mm
        • 0600mm x 1190mm
        • 0600mm x 1195mm
        • 0600mm x 1200mm
        • 0600mm x 1220mm
        • 0600mm x 1230mm
        • 0600mm x 1245mm
        • 0600mm x 1255mm
        • 0600mm x 1400mm
        • 0600mm x 1404mm
        • 0600mm x 1420mm
        • 0600mm x 1440mm
        • 0600mm x 1470mm
        • 0600mm x 1471mm
        • 0600mm x 1600mm
        • 0600mm x 1634mm
        • 0600mm x 1800mm
        • 0600mm x 1864mm
        • 0600mm x 2000mm
        • 0604mm x 0900mm
        • 0604mm x 1200mm
        • 0660mm x 0600mm
        • 0660mm x 0780mm
        • 0660mm x 1020mm
        • 0660mm x 1260mm
        • 0681mm x 0400mm
        • 0681mm x 0640mm
        • 0681mm x 0800mm
        • 0681mm x 1040mm
        • 0681mm x 1200mm
        • 0681mm x 1440mm
        • 0688mm x 0500mm
        • 0700mm x 0500mm
        • 0715mm x 0500mm
        • 0720mm x 0500mm
        • 0750mm x 0622mm
        • 0750mm x 0650mm
        • 0750mm x 0806mm
        • 0750mm x 0830mm
        • 0750mm x 0950mm
        • 0750mm x 0990mm
        • 0750mm x 1010mm
        • 0750mm x 1190mm
        • 0760mm x 0456mm
        • 0760mm x 0600mm
        • 0760mm x 0780mm
        • 0760mm x 1020mm
        • 0760mm x 1260mm
        • 0770mm x 0500mm
        • 0780mm x 0500mm
        • 0790mm x 0290mm
        • 0790mm x 0500mm
        • 0800mm x 0300mm
        • 0800mm x 0370mm
        • 0800mm x 0400mm
        • 0800mm x 0500mm
        • 0800mm x 0550mm
        • 0800mm x 0600mm
        • 0810mm x 0500mm
        • 0832mm x 0500mm
        • 0840mm x 0400mm
        • 0840mm x 0500mm
        • 0850mm x 0500mm
        • 0852mm x 0500mm
        • 0870mm x 0470mm
        • 0880mm x 0500mm
        • 0900mm x 0500mm
        • 0906mm x 0500mm
        • 0916mm x 0500mm
        • 0920mm x 0450mm
        • 0930mm x 0400mm
        • 0940mm x 0490mm
        • 0945mm x 0500mm
        • 0945mm x 0675mm
        • 0950mm x 0500mm
        • 0952mm x 0500mm
        • 0954mm x 0456mm
        • 0990mm x 0290mm
        • 1000mm x 0300mm
        • 1000mm x 0400mm
        • 1000mm x 0500mm
        • 1000mm x 0550mm
        • 1000mm x 0600mm
        • 1020mm x 0300mm
        • 1020mm x 0500mm
        • 1030mm x 0500mm
        • 1040mm x 0500mm
        • 1100mm x 0500mm
        • 1130mm x 0500mm
        • 1140mm x 0500mm
        • 1145mm x 0500mm
        • 1145mm x 0600mm
        • 1150mm x 0500mm
        • 1176mm x 0500mm
        • 1180mm x 0500mm
        • 1185mm x 0500mm
        • 1190mm x 0290mm
        • 1190mm x 0500mm
        • 1200mm x 0070mm
        • 1200mm x 0075mm
        • 1200mm x 0205mm
        • 1200mm x 0300mm
        • 1200mm x 0350mm
        • 1200mm x 0400mm
        • 1200mm x 0400mm
        • 1200mm x 0490mm
        • 1200mm x 0500mm
        • 1200mm x 0500mm
        • 1200mm x 0550mm
        • 1200mm x 0600mm
        • 1220mm x 0500mm
        • 1225mm x 0500mm
        • 1270mm x 0470mm
        • 1280mm x 0400mm
        • 1280mm x 0800mm
        • 1296mm x 0500mm
        • 1300mm x 0500mm
        • 1306mm x 0500mm
        • 1340mm x 0500mm
        • 1370mm x 0500mm
        • 1400mm x 0300mm
        • 1400mm x 0375mm
        • 1400mm x 0500mm
        • 1460mm x 0500mm
        • 1470mm x 0400mm
        • 1471mm x 0320mm
        • 1471mm x 0400mm
        • 1471mm x 0456mm
        • 1471mm x 0520mm
        • 1471mm x 0600mm
        • 1471mm x 0606mm
        • 1480mm x 0500mm
        • 1500mm x 0205mm
        • 1500mm x 0240mm
        • 1500mm x 0295mm
        • 1500mm x 0335mm
        • 1500mm x 0340mm
        • 1500mm x 0370mm
        • 1500mm x 0413mm
        • 1500mm x 0425mm
        • 1500mm x 0500mm
        • 1500mm x 0515mm
        • 1550mm x 0500mm
        • 1560mm x 0500mm
        • 1590mm x 0500mm
        • 1600mm x 0300mm
        • 1600mm x 0400mm
        • 1600mm x 0410mm
        • 1600mm x 0420mm
        • 1600mm x 0480mm
        • 1600mm x 0500mm
        • 1600mm x 0550mm
        • 1600mm x 0600mm
        • 1720mm x 0400mm
        • 1720mm x 0490mm
        • 1735mm x 0500mm
        • 1740mm x 0500mm
        • 1762mm x 0650mm
        • 1771mm x 0320mm
        • 1771mm x 0400mm
        • 1771mm x 0456mm
        • 1771mm x 0520mm
        • 1771mm x 0600mm
        • 1771mm x 0606mm
        • 1790mm x 0290mm
        • 1800mm x 0185mm
        • 1800mm x 0205mm
        • 1800mm x 0224mm
        • 1800mm x 0230mm
        • 1800mm x 0240mm
        • 1800mm x 0240mm
        • 1800mm x 0250mm
        • 1800mm x 0260mm
        • 1800mm x 0270mm
        • 1800mm x 0280mm
        • 1800mm x 0290mm
        • 1800mm x 0295mm
        • 1800mm x 0295mm
        • 1800mm x 0300mm
        • 1800mm x 0300mm
        • 1800mm x 0310mm
        • 1800mm x 0315mm
        • 1800mm x 0331mm
        • 1800mm x 0335mm
        • 1800mm x 0340mm
        • 1800mm x 0350mm
        • 1800mm x 0355mm
        • 1800mm x 0370mm
        • 1800mm x 0370mm
        • 1800mm x 0375mm
        • 1800mm x 0376mm
        • 1800mm x 0390mm
        • 1800mm x 0392mm
        • 1800mm x 0395mm
        • 1800mm x 0400mm
        • 1800mm x 0400mm
        • 1800mm x 0410mm
        • 1800mm x 0413mm
        • 1800mm x 0415mm
        • 1800mm x 0420mm
        • 1800mm x 0425mm
        • 1800mm x 0430mm
        • 1800mm x 0440mm
        • 1800mm x 0445mm
        • 1800mm x 0450mm
        • 1800mm x 0470mm
        • 1800mm x 0475mm
        • 1800mm x 0480mm
        • 1800mm x 0490mm
        • 1800mm x 0495mm
        • 1800mm x 0500mm
        • 1800mm x 0505mm
        • 1800mm x 0510mm
        • 1800mm x 0515mm
        • 1800mm x 0528mm
        • 1800mm x 0530mm
        • 1800mm x 0531mm
        • 1800mm x 0540mm
        • 1800mm x 0550mm
        • 1800mm x 0560mm
        • 1800mm x 0565mm
        • 1800mm x 0595mm
        • 1800mm x 0600mm
        • 1800mm x 0600mm
        • 1800mm x 0660mm
        • 1800mm x 0672mm
        • 1800mm x 0680mm
        • 1870mm x 0240mm
        • 1870mm x 0320mm
        • 1870mm x 0400mm
        • 1870mm x 0480mm
        • 1870mm x 0560mm
        • 1920mm x 0500mm
        • 1971mm x 0200mm
        • 1971mm x 0320mm
        • 1971mm x 0400mm
        • 1971mm x 0456mm
        • 1971mm x 0520mm
        • 1971mm x 0600mm
        • 1971mm x 0606mm
        • 1971mm x 0720mm
        • 1971mm x 0800mm
        • 2000mm x 0276mm
        • 2000mm x 0351mm
        • 2000mm x 0400mm
        • 2000mm x 0535mm
        • 2035mm x 0500mm
        • 0185mm x 1500mm
        • 0185mm x 1800mm
        • 0470mm x 0600mm
        • 0565mm x 0800mm
        • 0565mm x 1000mm
        • 0565mm x 1200mm
        • 0565mm x 1400mm
        • 0565mm x 1800mm
        • 0590mm x 0800mm
        • 0590mm x 1000mm
        • 0590mm x 1200mm
        • 0590mm x 1400mm
        • 0590mm x 1800mm
        • 0600mm x 0372mm
        • 0600mm x 0495mm
        • 0600mm x 0558mm
        • 0600mm x 0695mm
        • 0600mm x 0840mm
        • 0600mm x 0992mm
        • 0600mm x 1095mm
        • 0600mm x 1178mm
        • 0600mm x 1295mm
        • 0600mm x 1488mm
        • 0600mm x 1495mm
        • 0600mm x 1610mm
        • 0700mm x 0490mm
        • 0805mm x 0480mm
        • 0830mm x 0550mm
        • 1015mm x 0480mm
        • 1190mm x 0490mm
        • 1195mm x 0550mm
        • 1200mm x 0370mm
        • 1225mm x 0480mm
        • 1290mm x 0500mm
        • 1435mm x 0480mm
        • 1645mm x 0480mm
        • 1680mm x 0490mm
        • 1800mm x 0070mm
        • 1800mm x 0075mm
        • 1800mm x 0276mm
        • 1800mm x 0369mm
        • 1800mm x 0462mm
        • 1800mm x 0555mm
        • 1800mm x 0795mm
          • Anthracite
          • Black
          • Brushed
          • Brushed Brass
          • Brushed Brass Anodized
          • Chrome
          • Chrome Plated
          • Matt Anodised
          • Mirror Polished
          • Polished Anodized
          • RAL 8029 Matt Copper
          • RAL 9016 Textured White & Red
          • RAL 9016 Traffic White
          • Satine
          • Stainless Steel
          • Textured Anthracite
          • Textured Black
          • Textured Black & Red
          • Textured Dark Grey
          • Textured Latte
          • Textured Light Grey
          • Textured Red & White
          • Textured White
          • White
          • White RAL 9016
          • Inox Anodized
          • navy blue
          • Textured Black & White
          • Textured Grey

          Carisa Nile Chrome Designer Towel Rail

          £115.00 from: £86.00

          Carisa Anika Chrome Horizontal Designer Radiator

          £339.60 from: £135.84

          Carisa Anika Chrome Vertical Designer Radiator

          £402.00 from: £160.80

          Carisa Antara Chrome Designer Towel Rail

          £288.00 from: £115.20

          Carisa Barkod Horizontal Anthracite Designer Radiator

          £262.80 from: £105.12

          Carisa Barkod Horizontal Black Designer Radiator

          £262.80 from: £105.12

          Carisa Barkod Vertical Anthracite Designer Radiator

          £363.60 from: £145.44

          Carisa Barkod Vertical Black Designer Radiator

          £363.60 from: £145.44

          Carisa Envy Dark Grey Vertical Designer Radiator

          £969.60 from: £484.80

          Carisa Fortuna Stainless Steel Horizontal Radiator

          £1,666.80 from: £666.72

          Carisa Lara Black Designer Towel Rail

          £384.00 from: £153.60

          Carisa Lara Inox Anodized Designer Towel Rail

          £460.80 from: £184.32

          Carisa Maya Anthracite Designer Towel Rail

          £319.00 from: £146.88

          Carisa Maya White Designer Towel Rail

          £319.00 from: £146.88

          Carisa Oval Horizontal Black Designer Radiator

          £576.00 from: £230.40

          Vertical Tall and Horizontal Radiators

          We see vertical designer radiators as the original showstoppers! A total shake-up in the world of designer radiators, turning the idea of a radiator upside down (or just ninety degrees!) and offering something totally different to a room’s decor.

          Smaller spaces benefit especially well from a vertical radiator, allowing you to make the most of your loor-to-ceiling space rather than taking up valuable horizontal space where you may need to place other furniture.

          Have questions, please get in touch with us

          Why you should choose us for Designer Radiators

          Posh Rads has been advising customers and supplying top quality luxury radiators for many years. Our extensive collection of horizontal and vertical radiators and heated towel rails comprises attractive designs, colours and sizes to suit any room. We can offer you amazing quality at unbeatable prices, thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, as well as fast and free delivery anywhere in the UK.

          If you are looking for a traditional style to compliment your home, or something more bespoke and unique to provide a designer talking point, you are sure to find it with us. Our designer radiators are made for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. There is no place like home, so let us help you create a beautiful, unique space that reflects your style and keeps you warm.

          Our team of friendly heating experts are ready to help you, every step of the way, from initial enquiry to the despatching of your order and after-sales support. We aim to get your radiators to you as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t have to wait for something we know you’re excited about receiving, and we can’t wait for you to unpack your stunning new luxury radiator!

          As well as adding a beautiful object to your home, we know that buying a designer radiator is an investment into making your surroundings more comfortable without breaking the bank, which is why all our models are energy efficient, helping you to keep your energy bills low.

          We also work with trade customers, businesses and stockists to share the love and supply a wider audience with our beautiful designs. Our traditional and contemporary radiators look just as striking in offices, retail outlets and commercial premises as they do in domestic homes and have impressive efficiency credentials and a range of colours and finishes.

          We offer free delivery across the UK, no matter how many designer radiators you order, or how often, so take advantage now and get your house or office cosy and warm today. Our delivery times are rapid and efficient, with the option to track their progress from our door to yours.

          Posh Rads is made up of a friendly, approachable team with years of experience and a great track record in professional business dealings and industry expertise. If you have a query, give us a ring and we will see how we can help.

          Our extensive range and undeniable levels of expertise mean that we can guarantee top-quality service and the right guidance and advice for you to choose the best possible designer radiators for you.

          We offer an attractive bulk buy discount, bringing prices even lower and supporting trade customers in their own businesses with competitive pricing and excellent customer support.

          Interested in our range of modern vertical and horizontal radiators, towel rails and heating system accessories? Contact us today, or browse our online catalogue.

          Our phone lines are open daily from 9am-8pm on 0800 009 6145 – we hope to chat with you soon!

          Interested in ordering but don’t know where to start?

          Use our BTU calculator to find the perfect designer heating solution to. Match your specific space. Enter your room dimensions, type, window specifications and the location where your new trendy radiator will be installed and let our calculator do the rest. Get tailored results to inform your contemporary radiator purchasing decisions, right at your fingertips for free, and whenever you want.

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