How To Look After Your Radiators And Home Heating: Five-Steps To Radiator Care

Radiator care is an important part of home ownership, as it can save you a lot of money in the longer term. It also ensures that your heating system is working whenever you need it, so you don’t have to freeze indoors or call out a heating engineer at an awkward time. Taking time to learn how to look after your radiators can save a lot of money further down the line. This...

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iron cast radiators - iron radiator

Why cast iron period radiators are perfect for a period home?

Choosing interior décor for a period house may not always be quite so straightforward as decorating a modern home. This is because there are traditions that must be kept to if you want to have an authentically vintage look. Have you ever thought about iron period radiators in period home? Radiator heating is straightforward and effective, making it the ideal choice for heating the house. Opting for cast iron radiators, therefore, is...

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Minimalistic radiators design-black radiators

Minimalistic Radiators: 7 ways to embrace the trend

Minimalistic radiators are growing in popularity as part of a wider interior design trend around a less cluttered, more streamlined look. Having simpler, slimmer radiators on the walls means that they take up less room. As a result, the space looks bigger and has fewer visual distractions. This helps to throw an elegant, tactile, minimalistic radiator into even sharper focus. What is minimalism? In fine art terms,...

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office radiators-warming office

Why office radiators are essential? and how to get the right ones?

Office radiators are an important part of the building’s interior design. Not least because they keep everyone warm during cold spells. They can also make a fairly boring office look much more interesting. There are all sorts of different kinds of office radiator design. They can range from bold column radiators in the boardroom to practical heated towel rails in the kitchen. Why does your office need radiators?

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high heat vertical radiator

Top 10 High Heat Output Vertical Radiators

In small spaces, where horizontal wall space is limited, it's common to find traditional radiators fighting with furniture for prime position. Don't just accept that the back of your sofa will be toasty and warm long before the rest of your chilly room!  Make the most of narrow but tall areas of wall space by fitting vertical radiators instead.  This will ensure that your living space is comfortably heated no...

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vertical radiator

Top Ten Vertical Radiator Options For Small Spaces

As the saying goes, all good things come in small packages.  The recent developments in heating technology mean that the same can be said for vertical radiator options.  If you live in a small apartment and are limited space-wise, you should not have to compromise on heat or style! Our designer vertical radiators are classy and stylish. They also easily fit into many small and awkward spaces, making your...

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top ten

10 Designer Radiators That Make A Perfect Room

Welcome to the revolution of the designer radiator.  From column designs to mirrored radiators, the modern radiator has evolved from being a mere technical plumbing item, into a desirable design statement.  Since there are so many styles to choose from, we've put together our top ten designs to help you with your decision.  We hope you love them as much as we do. 1. Mars Primus -...

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Kitchen Radiator Ideas

Picture the scene; you're on the school run, or walking the dog, and the heavens open.  It's freezing outside, and before you know it your teeth are chattering and the kids are screaming that they can't feel their toes.  Fun times. Now, imagine letting yourself in through your front door, dripping wet, and walking into your kitchen.  Hanging from your beautiful new designer radiator hangs a fluffy, warm towel.  The...

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Designer Radiators Ideas for Living Rooms

The aspiration for designer radiators in modern homes has seen an end to the installation of unattractive, clunky radiators, which used to be the only heating option available. The variety of radiators on the market right now is staggering, and we should know; we stock most of them!  Available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, you can find a radiator for your living room that will suit your...

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Designer Radiators and Heated Towel Rails for Bathrooms

Is your bathroom in need of a bit of TLC?  Much more than simply somewhere to house your loo and shower, your bathroom can and should be a room where you can indulge and escape.  It's where you get ready for the day, and also where you wash away the day's worries before going to bed.  It should therefore be a place that you find it pleasurable to spend time in. If your bathroom has...

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