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Our selection of valves and accessories allow you to maintain control over your radiator’s heat output, meaning you can set the desired temperature in a particular room to keep it as comfortable as possible. Read More

Fear not – style doesn’t fall out the window when it comes to picking valves. While being an essential part of any new radiator set-up, they are also a further opportunity to show off your style and perfectly finish off your rad’s new look. WE understand that they are always on display in your home, so we have carefully chosen a range of valves in different styles, sizes and finishes to make sure you can find ones that fit in with your decor. There’s no need to compromise style for functionality.

When you browse our range below, you’ll see we stock two main types of valve: TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) and manual. TRVs have a dial that allows you to choose a specific level for your heat output, meaning you can cap the maximum temperature your room will reach. Manual valves are usually smaller in design, and instead of a dial they work on a simple on/off switch basis so you can choose to turn off a radiator in a particular room without switching off your central heating completely.

If you’re feeling stuck with all the options, please give us a call freephone on 0800 009 6145. We’d love to help you find the right valves for your chosen radiator model. We’re available every day until 8pm!

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