Designer radiators for living rooms

Radiators for your living rooms with modern designs

A well-designed living room is a space where attention has been paid to the smaller details as well as the larger, statement pieces. Choosing the right accessories to complement the style, tones and vibe of the room will really pull together the overall effect. What’s more, it can be enormous fun deciding on finishing touches, such as the living room designer radiators, and seeing how space responds to your chosen styles and designs.

When it comes to choosing designer radiators for living rooms, the world really can be your oyster. You can choose from traditional or modern living room radiators, select different materials, colours and finishes and have fun experimenting with different sizes and shapes to fit the available space.

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Add stunning style to your living room with our designer radiators

Contemporary radiators for living rooms can prove to be a real talking point, drawing the eye and sealing your reputation as someone with a great eye for fashionable, striking interior design. Taking time to choose the perfect lounge radiator will help you enjoy a winning combination of style and practicality as you can stay both warm and inspired by beautiful design every time you use your living room. If you are overwhelmed by the choice available at Posh Rads, speak to one of our team, who can help you narrow down your search and offer expert design advice to help you get the most out of your living room radiators, all year round.

Fast and free UK delivery on all designer living room radiators

Once you have chosen your lounge radiator, we know that you will be eager to receive it and install it so that you can start to enjoy your new interior design acquisition as quickly as possible. The good news is that, if you order from us at Posh Rads, we offer rapid delivery (exact timings dependent on location and current situation) that is absolutely free from anywhere within the UK. Don’t use up any of your budget allocated for your modern living room radiators on excess delivery or packing costs – let us that the strain here.

Calculate BTU before buying radiators for your living room

Radiator efficiency is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The calculation takes in various elements, including room dimensions, number of windows, wall and insulation materials used and more. This is a key piece of information to know before choosing your living room radiators, as their efficiency will depend hugely on where the radiator is located and what the insulation is like. You can match your calculated BTU with the output data from each of our designer radiators to choose the right match for your individual house and living room.

Why you should choose Posh Rads for designer living room radiators

Posh Rads has built up an enviable reputation for delivering top quality, aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient radiators for all rooms of the house. Whether you are looking for contemporary radiators for living rooms or a more subtle, smaller piece for a hidden corner that gets chilly in the winter, we have the perfect units for you. Browse our extensive online collection and then use our straightforward, trustworthy ordering, payment and delivery processes to ensure that your chosen designs are delivered to you on time and in excellent condition.

Order your radiator online from Posh Rads today

Ordering lounge radiators UK-wide is a simple, enjoyable process with Posh Rads. Take your time looking through our large selection of modern designs, materials, finishes, colours and styles and then match your preferred models with the right BTU for your living room. If you need help or advice, call us to speak to an interior design expert who can talk you through the options and what you need to consider when making your final choice.

You can then either navigate your own way through our simple, intuitive ordering and payment processes, or we can assist you with this aspect of your order as well. Your delivery will be as quick as we can manage in the current circumstances and we will do our utmost to ensure that it arrives in excellent condition and accompanied by all the required extras to help you get started on the installation.

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