Silver Designer Radiators

Are you looking for silver designer radiators?

Silver designer radiators offer an astonishingly wide range of benefits, including the ability to fit into almost any design scheme. From industrial chic to Hollywood glamour, silver can be the perfect colour choice for so many themes and occasions. Reflective silver finishes cast light into the room, while the more matte alternatives give off a tactile, comforting vibe. If silver is top of your list, read on to find out how Posh Rads can help you find the perfect match.


Silver designer radiators for every room

Silver works well in any room of the house. Adding a silver towel radiator to the bathroom or kitchen adds instant practicality and finesse, while silver living room or bedroom radiators add style and glamour to some of your favourite rooms. Add a small silver radiator to a box room or under-stairs cupboard for more subtle heat generation or go large with a huge silver flat panel radiator on a statement wall to get visitors talking about your interior design expertise. You can even get the party started with some stunning silver glitter radiator paint to really draw the eye and nourish the soul.

Silver vertical radiators

Silver works perfectly for vertical radiators as it attracts the light and reflects sunshine streaming in from the windows, from the very top right down to the bottom. Tall silver radiators can act as a stunning backdrop to larger house plants or statues, as well as toning down brighter colours on the walls and soft furnishings with some metallic chic. Try one out in your own home and see what you think.

Silver horizontal radiators

Silver horizontal radiators offer reassuring practicality and classic design that will stand the test of time well. Silver is a versatile shade that will not fade or become stained or yellow from the heat. It makes your horizontal designer radiators very easy to maintain and you will be hard-pressed to get bored of them too quickly. These are just some of the reasons why the shade remains such a popular choice for both domestic and commercial radiators across the UK.

UK fast and free UK delivery on all silver designer radiators

Just like all designer radiators from Posh Rads, we are offering free UK delivery on all our silver radiators, with a commitment to delivering your order as quickly as possible. We know how keen you will be to take delivery of your new radiators and to install them in their new home so that you can start enjoying their aesthetics and cosy heat generation sooner, rather than later.

Why you should choose Posh Rads

Posh Rads has established a talented team of interior designers, heating experts and customer service professionals who, between them, have curated a stunning online collection of radiators of all shapes, sizes and style to suit any home or commercial setting. Take a look around our website to read testimonials from previous satisfied customers.

Order your silver designer radiator online from Posh Rads today

Like what you see? Order your favourite silver designer radiators from Posh Rads today and start enjoying the very best in design aesthetics and cosy living in your own home. We are extremely proud of our versatile collections of designer radiators and cannot wait to share them with you soon.

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