Where to buy designer radiators

Here at poshrads.co.uk you can buy your designer radiators online through our fantastic website where we deal with the very best brands for the UK market and offer free fast delivery on all items before 3pm. If your looking for a vertical radiator, horizontal radiator or heated towel rail we have you covered get in touch today 08000096145


Whats the best radiator material

Most radiators are made from one of four different materials: mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel or aluminium. What a radiator is made from affects how quickly it heats and cools. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of the different materials. When you’re done deciding, be sure to buy your radiator online here at PoshRads for superior quality and great savings.

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All about terma radiators

We are showcasing some of our favourite models from the Terma brand. Terma is one of the most innovative manufacturers of designer radiators in Europe, and we are very proud to be able to bring them directly to you here at Posh Rads. Keep reading to see our top picks..

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Upgrade to a designer radiator

Radiators are features in a home that often get taken for granted at best, or ignored completely at worst. But what if replacing your old, tired radiators could not only save you money, but also change the entire look and feel of your rooms? Enter: Designer Radiators! When should you upgrade? Firstly, let’s look at when you should be upgrading your radiators. As a general rule of thumb, they ought to be replaced every 15 to 20…

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Things to consider when buying a designer radiator

Things to consider when buying a designer radiator for your home You may think that designer radiators are strictly for the most ultra modern homes in 2019. But whether it’s a space-saving statement vertical radiator you’re considering, or a more traditional option, there’s really no decor style where a designer radiator couldn’t work. We pride ourselves on having curated a wide selection of designs to suit any style, choosing only the best brands we know and…

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What is a designer radiator

What is a Designer Radiator and why should i get one? About Designer Radiators You might start to hear people mentioning Designer Radiators or Similar terms, more and more often these days! But what are they and what is the difference to a normal radiator. Designer Radiators are fast becoming the better replacement to your boring old standard looking radiator. Emerging in the UK market in the interior and design sector you will see most new renovations…

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