What is a Designer Radiator

What is a Designer Radiator and why should i get one?

About Designer Radiators

You might start to hear people mentioning Designer Radiators or Similar terms, more and more often these days! But what are they and what is the difference to a normal radiator. Designer Radiators are fast becoming the better replacement to your boring old standard looking radiator. Emerging in the UK market in the interior and design sector you will see most new renovations and property programmes feature designer radiators as a statement piece in every room. Gone are the days where you feel the need to hide or feel a radiator can ruin a rooms look now you can show off your rooms home heating in style with a great range of colours to choose from, materials, finishes and sizes. You can literally match any room with the perfect radiator whether you are going for a traditional vibe or ultra modern.

We believe there is nothing worse than just having completed a renovation or decorating and having to install or keep the boring style box panel rads when you can add something fabulous which will wow your visitors and stay functional. We feel it’s important to mention the different sizes we can offer for instance choosing a vertical radiator would be a great choice to replace any existing radiator as both space saving and efficient. We offer in theme up to date colours like Anthracite and Chrome to match any interior.

Now you can use one of our radiators as a feature for a central wall or fill in a bare empty space with something that will add function and character to any room. We offer many types of Designer Radiators for your Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room or Hallway. Take a look at our stunning Heated Towel Rails and transform any bathroom, bedroom or wet room with a space saving design that will serve multiple purposes.

What sort of heat output should i expect or comparison? All of our radiator outputs are clearly displayed in the product information we would recommend going for double sections and larger radiators for the higher output.

Why Should I get one?

Ultimately buying a Designer Radiator will be a great choice to modernise and personalise your room in short it will offer something more that your standard radiator the process is really easy and most of our radiators are available for free next day delivery.

Why choose us?

PoshRads.co.uk offer great service, technical support and only sell products we know work, we deal with great brands and are able to offer such a fantastic selection of designs and finishes. If you would like to find out more about Designer Radiators, Heated Towel Rails, Valves and Accessories please call us on 0800 009 6145 or chat with us today by clicking the support button.

What is a Designer RadiatorWhat is a Designer RadiatorWhat is a Designer Radiator

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