The perfect time for home improvements.

The perfect time for home improvements.

“Oh God, not another Covid blog!” I hear you cry. Not quite, more about the opportunity it’s given us to get on with home improvements! 

If you’re sick of the doom and gloom of recent times, turn that frown upside down, as this is a positive post. 

Throughout lockdown, tradesmen have been allowed to carry out maintenance work in people’s houses, as long as the residents weren’t showing COVID symptoms. However, folks were reluctant to allow others into their homes in case they had the dreaded lurgy! 

Since the government have relaxed guidelines, people are now much more comfortable to allow family, friends and tradesmen into their homes. 

More time and money for home improvements 

If you’re still working from home, now is a great time to crack on with those home improvements that you’ve been meaning to get around to. 

Maybe your travel provider has cancelled your dream holiday (gutted!) and you’re wondering what to do with the money you’ve been refunded. 

If your company has put you on furlough, and you have actually completed Netflix, don’t sit there twiddling your thumbs. Instead, crack on with some of these top tips for keeping your mind occupied and improving your home. I mean if you’re going to be stuck in your house for any length of time, you might as well make it look nice! 

Top tips for keeping busy and improving your home

  • Walls looking a bit grubby? Grab that paintbrush and do some touching up. 
  • Get the weeding done. It’s good exercise, keeps you busy and makes your house look better all in one. Boom! 
  • Do one cupboard, drawer or wardrobe each day, and it won’t seem like such a massive task. Bag up anything you don’t need and donate it to charity. 
  • Put up some shelves. This goes well with decluttering. You’ll have somewhere to put all those bits that you’ve discovered! 
  • Re-paint your front doors. Instantly smarter house! 
  • Update your radiators. Old, clunky radiators with peeling paint? Beautiful designer radiators will bring a massive aesthetic improvement to your home. 

There’s no better time to order your new designer radiator 

There’s no better time to place your designer radiator order with PoshRads, as all this downtime has given us chance to replenish our stock. 

Our renowned customer service is as amazing as ever. On top of our usual fabulous service, we will ensure that all our radiators are delivered in line with all COVID regulations. Gloves, masks, two metres away, you know the drill! 

Take a look at all our fabulous options here, and we look forward to delivering your snazzy new radiator soon! 

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