Why good customer service is so important to us


Here at PoshRads, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Ensuring that you have a positive experience when buying one of our beautiful designer radiators is the single most important factor that we focus on. 

Whether your experience as a buyer is bad or good, you’re going to tell people. Ultimately, this means that your experience of buying a radiator from us will dramatically impact our growth as a business. 

Customer service can so often take a back seat to the daily demands of running a company. Here are the reasons why we think that great customer service should be the number one priority of any business. 

Our Excellent Customer Service:

Retains Customers

Keeping our customers loyal to PoshRads is much less expensive than it is to find new ones. Studies have shown that customers who feel that a business is trustworthy are a whopping 60 to 70 percent more likely to return to make further purchases. We will walk you through every step of the process of buying your new radiator, as well as the aftercare, including any concerns you may have after purchasing from us. 

Provides Value

We aim to provide excellent value for money, both in our designer radiators, and in all dealings with our customers. Any good customer service program should focus on treating its customers well. PoshRads do this by answering your questions thoroughly, being courteous and friendly, and exceeding your expectations in all communications with us. This approach helps us to engage with our customers and build strong relationships with them. 

Reduces Employee Turnover

Employees want to work for companies that appreciate their workers, encourage innovation and treat their customers fairly. People who work for an employer that provides excellent customer service are much more engaged in their work, and tend to stick with the company through any challenges that the business may face. 

Prevents Business Failure

The majority of UK businesses fail within the first three years. One of the key reasons for this is poor customer service. Buyers quickly get frustrated with problems that are not addressed, with the main issue being poor communication. Therefore, great communication equals happier customers, leading to a thriving business. 

And finally…

Great Customer Service Creates Endorsements

Happy customers provide positive endorsements and online reviews, which will help a business to strengthen their brand. Research shows that 97 percent of customers will go on to tell other people about an excellent experience. Since many people make purchasing decisions based on recommendations from friends or family, it makes sense to keep our customers happy.

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Why good customer service is so important to us

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