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Are you on the hunt for a new radiator? It could be so much more than a hunk of metal on your wall. In addition to simply distributing heat, our designer radiators can also add to the feel and character of the room that they are in. 

We stock a huge selection of radiators, ranging from flat panel designs for those who prefer a minimalist look, to the absolute ultimate in feature radiators. 

Terma Hex Wall Art Radiator 

If you’re looking for the latter, may we suggest the Terma Hex. It’s one of our most popular products, and it’s easy to see why. The honeycomb design reflects many structures in nature, from snowflakes right through to the structure of molecules. Even honeycombs themselves match the structure of this unusual radiator, making it appear more like a piece of stunning wall art! 

The points where the hexagons break can even be used as hangers for wet clothes or towels. 

If you fancy this as a talking point in your home, COVID has been kind to you for once! This, along with many of our other radiators, are well stocked at the moment, due to the recent opportunity to replenish our supplies. 

Matching radiator accessories 

The Terma Hex comes in two sizes, either 1700mm by 573mm or 1200mm by 486mm. You can choose from a black matt finish, or bright copper if you’re into more of a retro look. Alternatively, you can even get the Terma Hex on factory order in absolutely any colour for no extra charge. 

Matching Terma valves are available for this product, with both straight and angled options. You can choose to have a left hand or right hand version, as this will determine which side the thermostatic control sits on. The manufacturer recommends that you place the controls on the same side as the water feed. 

PoshRads also supply pipe masking sets, to ensure that your new radiator blends seamlessly into your home, without any unsightly pipes on display. 

No idea whether you need straight or angled valves? Unsure whether you need a left or a right hand version? Just give us a call and our helpful staff will help to guide you through your options. 

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