Terma designer radiators in the spotlight again

Terma latest products 2019 UK Stock

Once again we are back to talk about Terma products and we have some exciting news to share..

We visited Terma UK offices again last week to look over some of the new products for 2019 we have been waiting for. The new releases offer some completely new inspirational design concepts curated in joint efforts from the UK team lead by Alex Ramsay and Terma Poland the Manufacturer.

In the new release you will find the most popular designs from Terma but with some new added finishes and colours along with completely new designs for central heating systems and electric.

The extremely popular Michelle formally only available in the Nickel Gloss (bars), Copper (masking) (pictured) below.


> Sizes \ Outputs:
1. 1200h x 500w, 2460 BTUs (t50)
2. 780h x 400w, 1244 BTUs (t50)
> Finishes:
1. Nickel Gloss (bars), Copper (masking)
2. Metallic Black (bars) Chrome (masking) (pictured)
3. Sparking Cream (bars) Brushed Brass (masking)
4. Graphite (bars) Orange RAL 1023 (masking)

New Colour: Metallic Black (bars) Chrome (masking) (pictured)

New Colour: Sparking Cream (bars) Brushed Brass (masking) (pictured)



Sizes \ Outputs:

1. 1800h x 410w, 2240 BTUs (t50)

> Finishes:

1. Salt n Pepper (Matt, rough textured, mid grey) (pictured)

2. Quartz Mocha (matt, rough textured sand brown)

New Colour: Salt n Pepper (Matt, rough textured, mid grey) (pictured)

New Colour: Quartz Mocha (matt, rough textured sand brown) (pictured)BUY NOW


NEWLY added to our UK stock from Spring 2019.


>Sizes \ Outputs:

1. 530h x 645w, 2134 BTUs (t50)
2. 530h x 915w, 3028 BTUs (t50)
3. 530h x 1185w, 3921 BTUs (t50)

> Finishes:

1. Metallic Stone


>Sizes \ Outputs:

1. 530h x 1195w, 1000w


1. Metallic Stone
2. Sea Salt White
3. Bright Copper

New Colour: Bright Copper (silk, smooth textured) (pictured)

New Colour: Metallic Stone (matt, rough textured mid grey) (pictured)

New Colour: Sea Salt White (pictured)


> Honeycomb style Designer Radiator with unique double layers and stylish random gaps in the hexagons.
> Sizes / Outputs
1. 1200h x 486w, 1180 BTUs (t50)
2. 1700h x 573w, 1705 BTUs (t50)
> Finishes:
1. Bright Copper
2. Soft Matt Black RAL 9005

New Colour: Soft Matt Black RAL 9005

New Colour: Bright Copper

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