Why office radiators are essential? and how to get the right ones?

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Office radiators are an important part of the building’s interior design. Not least because they keep everyone warm during cold spells. They can also make a fairly boring office look much more interesting. There are all sorts of different kinds of office radiator design. They can range from bold column radiators in the boardroom to practical heated towel rails in the kitchen.

Why does your office need radiators?

Radiators in the office give those working inside the most versatile way to control the heating. In summer, you can open a window or bring in a fan. However, in winter you need a reliable source of heat. It needs to be one that people can turn on when they need it and adjust the levels of heat. This makes the office easier to work in and also more welcoming to visitors. Stylish office radiators can also add to the overall look and design of the place, again adding to the welcoming vibe.

How to choose the best radiators for your office

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When you choose office radiators, there are several things to think about. Start with the cost and efficiency so you can get what you need for the right price. Then, it’s time to consider other aspects like design, size, fittings and how they are powered. Here are some choices you will need to make for your office radiator design:

Oil or electric radiators?

There are different options for heating your office. For instance, electric and oil filled radiators are two common choices as office radiators. You may have to go with the heating options that are already in place if you want to keep to a lower budget. However, if you have the choice but don’t know which type of office radiators to choose, here are some considerations for each one:

Oil Radiators

Oil radiators for the office tend to be more efficient, with a lower power consumption. They have large surface area to heat up and send the warmth round the room. They heat up quickly and turn themselves off when the oil reaches the optimum heat.

The heat lasts for longer, too, even after the radiator has been turned off. This is because it takes longer for the heated oil to cool down again. This fact can really help reduce heating costs in the office.

Oil radiators are quiet when they are switched on. This means that workers won’t be disturbed by background noise as a result of the heating being on. There are no whirring fans inside, unlike electric heaters.

Electric Radiators

  • Electric radiators are quick to heat up. So, people can start to feel warm sooner when they arrive at the office on a cold day. The fans inside them work fast and efficiently.
  • They tend to be lighter in weight because they don’t contain lots of oil. This makes them easy to move around if they are not wall-mounted and quicker to install.
  • The fan inside some electric radiators can be moved to the precise direction that needs heat. As a result, there are no cold areas in the office where people don’t want to sit.

Wall-mounted or free-standing?

This decision will depend entirely on the amount of office space you have. Also, the shape of the room. For instance, if there is space underneath the windows, this is a good location for office radiators to go. Choose a low, wide design for this area to make the most of the space on the wall. If you need to heat a kitchen or bathroom area, think about wall mounted heated towel rails.

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Or, if you want to move the radiator around to heat every corner, a free standing model will work best.

Big and bold or dainty and discreet?

The beauty of installing radiators at work is their versatility. You can be as imaginative at work as you are at home. For instance, choose styles, shapes and colours to suit the existing décor and add interest to the room. Think about what you want your radiators to say about your business. Do you want big, bold shapes that exude confidence and flair? Or do you prefer smaller, dainty office radiators that demonstrate quiet efficiency and reliability at work. It’s up to you!

New or reclaimed?

Finally, there are lots of new and reclaimed radiators available in all shapes and sizes. You might want to choose all new equipment. Or, you might like the idea of recycling a radiator or heated towel rail that has been taken from somewhere else and restored. There are benefits to both approaches. So, it largely comes down to personal taste and designing budget when choosing office radiators.

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