Minimalistic radiators design-black radiators

Minimalistic Radiators: 7 ways to embrace the trend

Minimalistic radiators are growing in popularity as part of a wider interior design trend around a less cluttered, more streamlined look. Having simpler, slimmer radiators on the walls means that they take up less room. As a result, the space looks bigger and has fewer visual distractions. This helps to throw an elegant, tactile, minimalistic radiator into even sharper focus. What is minimalism? In fine art terms,...

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office radiators-warming office

Why office radiators are essential? and how to get the right ones?

Office radiators are an important part of the building’s interior design. Not least because they keep everyone warm during cold spells. They can also make a fairly boring office look much more interesting. There are all sorts of different kinds of office radiator design. They can range from bold column radiators in the boardroom to practical heated towel rails in the kitchen. Why does your office need radiators?

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