high heat vertical radiator

Top 10 High Heat Output Vertical Radiators

In small spaces, where horizontal wall space is limited, it's common to find traditional radiators fighting with furniture for prime position. Don't just accept that the back of your sofa will be toasty and warm long before the rest of your chilly room!  Make the most of narrow but tall areas of wall space by fitting vertical radiators instead.  This will ensure that your living space is comfortably heated no...

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vertical radiator

Top Ten Vertical Radiator Options For Small Spaces

As the saying goes, all good things come in small packages.  The recent developments in heating technology mean that the same can be said for vertical radiator options.  If you live in a small apartment and are limited space-wise, you should not have to compromise on heat or style! Our designer vertical radiators are classy and stylish. They also easily fit into many small and awkward spaces, making your...

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