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Why Should I Buy A Vertical Radiator? 

Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, designer vertical radiators are very much in demand at the moment. Here, we will cover the reasons you should invest in one for your home. 


Vertical radiators cater beautifully to the designer radiator market, with many customers being impressed by their striking designs, which can be either grand or minimalist. Materials such as anthracite and mirrors give many of these designs a unique edge, perfect for those who like a stylish interior. 


A designer vertical radiator is an extremely practical investment to bring to your home. With space being a major concern for many people, no one wants to take up valuable room with heating appliances. Vertical radiators make the most of height rather than width, putting awkward areas of wall space to their best use. 


One of the best things about vertical radiators is that they usually have a higher BTU output than more their horizontal counterparts, as many are designer brands. BTU output is the unit in which radiator efficiency is measured. The heat output is determined mostly by the material from which the radiator is made. Vertical aluminium radiators, for instance, heat up and cool down much faster than cast iron radiators. Always use our handy BTU calculator to work out whether the radiator is right for you and your property. 

Installing your vertical radiator 

It’s always sensible to hire a plumber to install your radiators. It may seem like an easy job for some, but tall and large vertical radiators especially will require some help with installation. 

Furniture and your vertical radiator 

Ensure that there is nothing blocking your vertical radiator for optimum heat output. It may be tempting to place it behind a sofa, but this will seriously block the heat from reaching the room. When installing your vertical radiator, ensure it has plenty of space to breathe. 

Kitchen radiators 

Kitchens often have little spare wall space and often need an extra accessory to act as a focus in the room. Being both slim in width and visually pleasing, the vertical radiator really comes in useful here. 

Bathroom radiators 

Again, bathrooms often have limited wall space. Fluctuating temperatures, combined with the need for extra storage space, mean that vertical radiators are often an ideal option. Columned vertical radiators can double up as heated towel rails. Centrally heated and electric vertical radiators are all sold here at PoshRads, with dual fuel conversion kits also available. 

If you’ve decided to purchase a vertical radiator for your home, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options on the market. We’ve put together a list of our top five favourite vertical radiators. These stylish designs have been hand-picked by us due to their style, efficiency and value.

Vertical Radiators Online UK

Boston White Vertical
£129.38 – £194.48
This attractive and slim designer radiator is
perfect for any interior, comes in nine sizes,
and is excellent value for money.

Vertical Radiators Online UK

Mars Electro Single Vertical (anthracite)
£228.84 – £481.10
This is a single panel radiator, which is
available in ten different sizes to suit your
needs. It is fully electric, and has a glossy
anthracite finish.

Vertical Radiators Online UK

Soho Vertical
£376.40 – £430.39
This chrome vertical radiator is modern
and stylish, and would be perfect for any

Vertical Radiators Online UK

Sleek and elegant, this hardly
looks like a radiator at all. It
is lightweight, resistant to
corrosion and gives excellent
heat output. Available in
black or white finishes.

hex radiator

Terma Hex
£412.62 – £525.72
As much of a work of art as it
is a radiator, this honeycomb
effect vertical radiator is a real

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